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Lifelike 3D-digitization for small, complex and colorful objects – with Macro 3D Scanners from SMALL WORLD VISION

Lifelike 3D-digitization for small, complex and
colorful objects – with Macro 3D Scanners

Das Projekt Small World Vision wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.

Insect scanner DISC3D

the original prototype

DISC3D was developed to innovate digitization of biological collections at museums and universities, especially insects and other small objects.

Since the start of the development early 2018 DISC3D was improved constantly, explicitly taking feedback from pilot users into account.

Today DISC3D is the only 3D-scanner capable of reconstructing filigree and complex specimens accuratly coloured and true to scale, resulting in a real digital twin with 15 prototypes in productive use.

With DISC3D you’ll be able to jumpstart your morphometric and taxonomic research and archiving activities!

DISC3D – feature rich scanning of macro objects:

  • Automated focus stacking and full orbital specimen rotation
  • Geometric calibration for true to scale 3D models with <1%* relative accuracy
  • High resolution of up to 2,5 µm | 0,099 mil
  • Color calibration for true color acquisition

*Relative deviation of a length measurement from the length standard, verified by several independent comparison measurements.

Will be added later.

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Bild 1

Premium specimen lighting

Bild 2

High quality camera and optics

Bild 3

Specimen gimbal for full orbital imaging

Bild 4

Precision rail focus stacking

Bild 5

Adjustable lighting fixture for best imaging results

Looking for

futher information? , a quote?,scanning services?, custom solutions?

Looking for
futher information?,a quote?,scanning services?,custom solutions?

Or do you simply want to send us an object for testing purposes? Feel free to reach out and let us know more about your application.

Precise 3D-Models & HD Textures

Combining high resolution imaging with true geometry and color allows for a lifelike representation of specimens – taking archiving and research to a new level.

Highest level of detail

Optimized reconstruction algorithms reduce modeling inaccuracies while maintaining an incredible level of detail. How many spots can you count?


a glimpse into development




*ASCOMO 3D is subject of active development. Form and function may change without further notice.

Our workflow in numbers







Our Team and Founders


Sarah von Hagen (M.Sc.)

Optical Systems Engineering & Programming


Dr. Sebastian Schmelzle

Sales & Management


Marc-Simon Stutz (M.Sc.)

Mechanical Engineering & Marketing


Prof. Michael Heethoff

Customer Relations


Prof. Bernhard Ströbel

Systems Engineering

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